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QUICK DEPRESSION CHECKLIST Frequently Occasionally Rarely
1) Do you feel downhearted, depressed or sad?
2) Do you feel worse in the morning?
3) Do you have crying spells, or feel like crying?
4) Do you feel fearful and easily panic about things?
5) Do you worry about your health?
6) Is it an effort to do the things you used to do with ease because of a lack of enthusiasm?
7) Do you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night?
8) Do you easily become irritable and angry?
9) Are you gaining weight or bingeing on sweet foods?
10) Do you feel unattractive and unlovable?
11) Do you feel anxious and nervous?
12) Do you find it difficult to make decisions?
13) Do you think you are letting people down, or have done in the past?
14) Do you feel less enjoyment from activities that once gave you pleasure?
15) Is your appetite poor and are you losing weight without trying?
16) Are you often tired?
17) Are you restless and unable to keep still?
18) Do you have less interest or desire for sex?
19) Do you prefer to be alone and shy away from social interaction?
20) Do you feel like you have slowed down?
21) Is your mood affecting your work?
22) Do you feel hopeless about the future?
Score 2 for each “frequently” answer,1 for “occasionally,” and 0 for “rarely Total for each column
Add scores for all columns


Below 5

You are normal. You appear to be positive, optimistic and able to cope with your circumstances..


You have a mild case of the blues. You need to pay attention to the issues in your life, and

consider a few life-style changes and coping mechanisms before things get worse.


You have a moderate mood swings and sadness. You might benefit from professional help.

More than 15

You have serious symptoms of depression. You definitely need as possible professional help.

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